TR7500 SIII 3D

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)


TRI’s optimum 3D AOI solution delivers the fastest multi-angle PCB inspection coupled with blue-laser-based true 3D profile measurement for the highest automated optical defect symptoms coverage possible. Combining state-of-the-art software solution and third generation intelligent hardware platform, the TR7500 SIII 3D offers robust 3D solder and component defect inspection and with high inspection coverage and easy programming.

High Speed Color Multi-angle Inspection of Up to 01005 Components
High Defect Coverage Using Hybrid 2D+3D Inspection Technology
True 3D Profile Measurement Using Dual Laser Units
Rapid Programming Interface with Auto Library and Offline Editing

TR7500 SIII 3D Automated Optical Inspection

Optical System

Imaging MethodDynamic Imaging with true 3D profile measurement
Top Camera 4 Mpix
Angle Camera1.3 Mpix or 6.5 Mpix (factory setting)
Imaging ResolutionOptical: 10 µm, 15 µm
Laser: 10 μm (optional), 20 μm, 50 μm

Note: Factory setting
Lighting Multi-phase RGB+W LED
3D TechnologySingle/Dual 3D laser sensors
Max. 3D Range20 mm

Inspection Performance

Imaging Speed4 Mpix@ 10 µm 2D: 60 cm²/sec
4 Mpix@ 15 µm 2D: 120 cm²/sec
4 Mpix@ 10 µm 2D+3D: 27-39 cm²/sec*
4 Mpix@ 15 µm 2D+3D: 40-60 cm²/sec*

* Depending on board size and laser resolution
Motion Table & Control
X-Axis ControlBallscrew + AC-servo controller
Y-Axis ControlBallscrew + AC-servo controller
Z-Axis ControlN/A
X-Y Axis Resolution1 µm

Board Handling

Max PCB SizeTR7500 SIII 3D: 510 x 460 mm*
TR7500L SIII 3D: 660 x 460 mm
TR7500 SIII 3D DL: 510 x 250 mm x 2 lanes, 510 x 550 mm x 1 lane

* The testable PCB size range will vary depending on the configuration of laser probe

*Depending on component distribution, the vailable PCB size could be different
PCB Thickness0.6-5 mm
Max PCB Weight3 kg
Top Clearance15 mm/25 mm/48 mm [optional]

(1) Laser resolution@ 50 μm is 25 or 48 mm (optional)
(2) Laser resolution@ 20 μm is 25 mm
(3) Laser resolution@ 10 μm is 15 mm
Bottom Clearance40 mm
Edge Clearance3 mm
Conveyor HeightInline
Height: 880 – 920 mm

* SMEMA Compatible

Inspection Functions

Wrong Marking (OCV)
Upside Down
Extra Component
Foreign Material
Lifted Component
SolderExcess Solder
Insufficient Solder
Through-hole Pins
Lifted Lead
Golden Finger


WxDxHTR7500 SIII 3D: 1100 x 1670 x 1550 mm
TR7500L SIII 3D: 1300 x 1630 x 1655 mm
TR7500 SIII 3D DL: 1100 x 1770 x 1550 mm

Note: not including signal tower, signal tower height 520 mm
WeightTR7500 SIII 3D: 1010 kg
TR7500L SIII 3D: 1250 kg
TR7500 SIII 3D DL: 1150 kg

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