Automated X-ray Inspection


TR7600XM SII and TR7600XLL SII are high performance and high speed 3D AXI for the largest server, networking and power PCBs. The TR7600XM SII and TR7600XLL SII systems use TRI’s unique shadow-free technology to inspect multi-layer boards with 2/3-layer PoPs, µBGAs, QFNs and Press-fit connectors. Smart programming assistants and multi-resolution programs help maximize production yields on any production line.

Very Large board edge to edge inspection up to 1000 mm x 660 mm
Automated programming saves hours of engineer workload
Multi resolution programs and advanced processing for superior image quality
Automatic 2D + 3D slice image extraction using Digital Tomosynthesis
X-ray tube with adjustable output up to 130 kV/300 µA

TR7600XM-LL SII Automated X-ray Inspection

Imaging System

CameraHigh-performance, ultra-sensitive bidirectional line-scan cameras
X-ray SourceMicrofocus tube 130 kV max (user adjustable)
Imaging Resolution7 μm, 10 μm, 15 μm, 20 μm (3 settings factory configured)
Inspection Method2.5D, 3D Slicing, Planar CT (optional)

Motion Table & Control

X-Axis ControlHigh-precision ballscrew + AC-servo controller
Y-Axis Control High-precision ballscrew + AC-servo controller
Z-Axis ControlHigh-precision ballscrew + AC-servo controller
X-Y Axis Resolution1 µm

Board Handling

Max PCB SizeTR7600XM SII: 700 x 350 mm
TR7600XLL SII: 1000 x 660 mm
PCB ThicknessTR7600XM SII: 0.6-5 mm
TR7600XLL SII: 0.6-7 mm
Max PCB WeightTR7600XM SII: 3 kg [8 kg optional]
TR7600XLL SII: 12 kg [15 kg optional]
Top Clearance@ 20 μm: 50 mm
@ 15 μm: 30 mm
@ 10 μm: 15 mm
@ 7 μm: 7 mm
Bottom Clearance 70 mm
Edge Clearance3 mm [5 mm optional]
Conveyor Height880 - 920 mm
* SMEMA Compatible

Inspection Functions

Component Missing
Tantalum Polarity
Solder Insufficient/Excess Solder
Solder Ball
Lifted Lead


WxDxHTR7600XM SII: 1305 x 1760 x 1945 mm
TR7600XLL SII: 1750 x 2140 x 1945 mm
TR7600XM SII: 1305 x 1760 x 1945 mm
TR7600XLL SII: 1750 x 2140 x 1945 mm

Note: not including signal tower, height: 510 mm
WeightTR7600XM SII: 3375 kg
TR7600XLL SII: 4500 kg
Power RequirementTR7600XM SII :200 - 240 VAC single Phase, 50/60 Hz 4 kVA
TR7600XLL SII: 200 - 240 VAC three phase, 50/60 Hz, 7 kVA
(346-416 VAC optional three phase transformer)

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