High Speed

2D X-ray System

SEC 5000NSl X-ray inspection system

X-eye 5000NSL system

Small Focal spot size X-ray Tube 100kV-130kV and X-ray Camera deliver high resolution images. Measurement function is integrated and the desk has more space due to the tiltable X-ray Camera Convenience in use and maintenance is a primary concern of our customers.

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Superior X-ray Image Quality

Identify the defects quickly, increasing throughput

Easy of Use

Safe, simple operation without complicated analytical algorithm

Unique Design - Closed X-ray Tube

Higher vacuum for better system operation
Long life span with Closed type tube, short warm-up time Consistent image quality with automated tube stabilization

SEC 5000NSL X-ray inspection



X-eye 5000NSL

Specifications & Configurations


X-eye 5000NSL

X-ray Tube


Micro-focus Closed Tube

Focal spot size

5 (JIMA Gauge)

Max. power

26 W

Max. voltage

130 kV

Max. current




Flat Panel X-ray Detector


1.6M Pixel FPD

Frame rate

30 FPS



X, Y, Z, T Detector Tilt 50°

Table size

650 x 550 mm

Stroke - X, Y, Z

610 x 510 x 200mm


Footprint (W x D x H)

2,010 x 1,670 x 1,410 mm



System power

220VAC Single Phase 50/60Hz

X-ray safety

Leakage Dose less than 1µ Sv/hr

User Software Including

Automated Inspection Routine


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